A closer view to some of the books I've published!

Trouille Académie 1
Trouille Académie 2
Éditions Poulpe Fictions
Bertrand Puard , Claudia Petrazzi

A novels's series published in France.

Each book tells a different story but they are connected by the misterious figure of Claude Dieuleveut: an odd man who saves monsters around the world. He ends up founding a Fear Academy, a monster's squad which helps children who are in trouble with paranormal stuff.

Behind each story there's an important theme such as bullying and environment.

Trouille Académie
Nerd senza macchia
Sem Editore
Daniele Daccò , Claudia Petrazzi

Giulia is a child writing her diary during the boring afternoons in her father's laundry. She tells about the strange clients of the shop, for they're not usal people: they are great personalities coming from every age and each one has got a stunning story to tell. Nikola Tesla, Samantha Cristoforetti, Toulouse-Lautrec, Joseph Merrick and many others. They all are nerds in a sense, but changed the world with their strenght and their mind.

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