My name is Claudia. I'm an illustrator and comic book artist born in 1985 in Tuscany, where I currently live and work.

I graduated at Fine Arts Academy in Perugia, then emloyed for a short exciting period as stop-motion animator before starting freelance life.

I mostly work on children's books for publishers and on personal projects.

When I'm not working you can find me sniffing classics of literature and ghost stories, walking in the woods or watching old movies.

I'm in love with all concerning the past, from weird stuff to music and costumes.

Autumn is my season, I believe in magic and in spirits of nature.

My first graphic novel "Clara e le Ombre" written by author Andrea Fontana came out in Italy for Editrice Il Castoro and in Spanish countries for Edebé.



Poulpe Fictions

Auzou Éditions

Editrice Il Castoro


Salani Editore

Giunti Editore

DeA Planeta Libri

Il Battello a Vapore

SEM Editore

"Clara e le ombre" written by Andrea Fontana, 2020


"Trouille Académie" volume 1, 2, 3 ,4 written by Bertrand Puard, 2020-2021

"365 fatti straordinari per sorprendere gli amici", written by Valentina Camerini, 2018

"Chimica, Cheppàlle!" written by R. Crescenzi and R. Vincenzi, 2019

"Nerd senza macchia" written by Daniele Daccò, 2018

"Un drago in salotto" written by Pierdomenico Baccalario, 2014

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